Thursday, April 03, 2008

Queen of the Amazons

Here's an exciting film. Oops, no sorry, I lied.
In this 1947 thriller, Jean Preston is searching for the love of her life, Greg, apparently lost in the jungles of Africa. She joins an expedition searching for ivory poachers hoping to discover the fate of her lost lover.
We do get some nice stock footage of elephant tug-of-wars, the pyramids, and native ceremonies, and then some early action scenes as a tiger feeds on a native. It turns out that Greg is being held captive by what the natives call a "whitey she-devil." Yes, looks like we're dealing with Amazons.
Legend has it that there was a shipwreck and for some reason that I didn't catch but I wasn't going to bother rewinding to find out, only the women survived. Meanwhile, Jean is developing feelings for her guide Glen. And Greg has fallen for the Queen Zita of the Amazons. And did I mention the locusts? Then in a twist that was actually surprising, the identity of the ivory poacher is revealed. Oh, can my poor heart stand the strain? Yes, easily enough as it turns out.
Queen of the Amazons is not utterly ridiculous, just mostly ridiculous. Actually, at times, it's almost entertaining, and it has a fine collection of wild animal stock footage going for it.

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