Saturday, April 05, 2008

She Gods of Shark Reef

This 1958 colour(!) Roger Corman film was shot on the same location and at the same time as his 1957 film Naked Paradise. As with most really low-budget films of the genre, there is an over-abundance of stock footage, lots of silent action (that sound film is expensive, don't ya know), and a topping of the usual expository voice-over.
Two guys get stranded on an island surrounded by a deadly reef and populated only by women. One of the guys is on the run from the law and the other, his brother, is helping him escape. As they're building an outrigger to get off the island, the good brother falls in love a girl, the den mother gets pissed and tries to sacrifice the girl to the local god (who's a shark), but boyfriend paddles out on the surfboard he luckily found to save her.
Now den mother is really pissed, so bad brother wants to kidnap the den mother when they leave in their outrigger. The kidnapping is a success, but the girl climbs aboard with them. Then there's some accident, and the shark gets one of the brothers (I'm guessing the bad one -- it was hard to tell).
Or something like that. I dunno. I forget.
The quality of the transfer was very poor, and frankly I didn't pay much attention. It was shot on location in Hawaii and probably looked gorgeous in its day, but that day was long ago.

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