Thursday, July 17, 2008

Werewolf Woman

"And on the night of the full moon, the howl of the werewolf will be heard. Its terrible cry will make men tremble! They will close their shutters and bolt their doors!"
Pretty scary, eh kids?
This is a 1976 Italian film originally called La Lupa mannara, but has also gone by a plethora of other names: Daughter of a Werewolf, Naked Werewolf Woman, She-Wolf, Terror of the She Wolf, The Legend of the Wolf Woman, The Wolf Man and Werewolf Woman. And I'm pretty sure that the girl on the poster isn't in the movie.
A woman is having strange dreams that she is a werewolf, inspired by a family legend that one of her ancestors was a werewolf. Her father consults a doctor who bears an uncanny resemblance to Wayne Newton. She begins to travel the countryside, seducing then killing men. But she falls in love with a kind man and decides to give up her evil ways. But she is raped and her lover killed by a band of thugs. She returns to her evil ways to take revenge.
This is a cheap horror flick of the ilk that Ed Wood might have made in his final days: lots of blood and boobies. In fact every actress in the cast shows off at least one at some point. The werewolf make-up is awful, the acting is average, the story is pure hokum. It is directed competently enough, but there isn't much here to work with. Nope, this is pretty much all schlock.

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