Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This 1962 film stars Richard Kiel as Eegah, a prehistoric giant caveman that for some unexplained reason is living out in the middle of a California desert.
A teenaged girl named Roxy almost runs Eegah down with her car as she drives in the desert. She goes back to town and tells her father and boyfriend. They go out searching the next day and find giant footprints. Dad decides to rent a helicopter to search for the giant, but he goes missing. Roxy and her boyfriend go looking for him, after boyfriend sings a couple of songs, but Eegah is smitten with Roxy and captures her, taking her back to his cave. There, she meets up with her dad, and the two of them escape.
Eegah follows them back to town and...well, let's face it, this ain't gonna end well for Eegah.
This is a light-hearted movie that is almost more of a beach movie than a SF film, what with the action stopping every few minutes so that boyfriend can warble a few surfin' songs, but it's often more silly than anything else. Kiel actually comes off quite well as he actually manages to do some acting here, which is more than can be said for the rest of the cast. However, Kiel's lips hardly ever move, yet Eegah's dubbed-in voice of gutteral grunts and roars is almost constant throughout his scenes, clearly a post-production decision. In fact the dialogue looping in universally awful as most scenes have a piece of dialogue spoken by an actor whose lips never move.
This film was written, directed and produced by Arch Hall, Sr., and he also stars in it as the father. His son, Arch Hall Jr., plays the singing boyfriend. Hall Sr. had a small acting career in the 1940s, then turned to making low budget films in the 1960s. He wrote about a dozen, but this is the only one he directed. He said he got the idea after meeting the 7'2" Kiel and wrote the part for him. According to legend, the initial release of the film was at one lone theatre in Omaha, Nebraska and it earned $15,000 during its engagement, the same amount of money that the film cost to make.

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