Thursday, February 05, 2009

End of the World

This 1977 film stars Christopher Lee as Father Pergado. The good Father witnesses a bizarre fatal accident, then discovers that an alien has taken his form and is going to destroy the world. Meanwhile, a scientist is detecting strange messages from space that seemed to predict a devastating earthquake that occurred in China. More messages from space arrive predicting more disasters, but the scientist also detects messages from earth in response. Turns out the message is coming from a convent run by Father Pergado. Or at least the alien that has taken him over.
Yes, the nuns are all aliens. Clearly the writer has issues with Catholicism.
This is just bad. This is a pay cheque movie -- let's cash our cheque and go home.
The professor's computer makes the sound of the Enterprise bridge from Star Trek. No, I swear! Someone got hold of a Star Trek sound effects record (this was 1977 after all) and made a loop out of it to run anytime someone fires up a computer. Also, a lot of other sound effects sound suspiciously like they came out of Star Wars. I kept hearing lightsabres for some reason.
No argument, this is awful. It's not even bad enough to be cheesy.

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