Friday, February 20, 2009

Evil Brain From Outer Space

Let's get this out on the open right from the start: Evil Brain from Outer Space may just be the best movie title ever!
This 1964 film is edited together from three Japanese Starman short movies. The three original movies totalled 159 minutes in runtime, while this edited version clocks in at a quick 79 minutes. As so much is cut from each movie, the film veers wildly from underdeveloped plot point to underdeveloped plot point, from action scene to scene with lightning speed, in a rush of quick and cheesy action-packed Grade-Z mindless silly fun.
The brain of Balazar, an evil scientist from the planet Zemar, has been assassinated. Somehow his brain has been preserved and ends up in a suitcase on earth. His followers have followed the brain to earth. (They're followers. That's what they do, alright? They follow!) Only Starman, an alien superhero sent to earth to fight atomic evils in his disturbingly tight leotards, can save us!
Along the way to defeating the brain, Starman must defeat a monster who is also attacking earth (who also wears disturbingly tight leotards), and assorted groups of Balazar's followers (again with the leotatds).
This is all pretty corny and silly, but it is presented with enthusiasm. And the action scenes, as cheap as any you'll ever see, use imaginative camera tricks and angles to good effect.
Fire up the corn-popper and enjoy!

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