Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Idaho Transfer

Scientists are working on a matter tranference system, but they discover that their system can be used not only to send people from place to place, but to the future. They discover that 56 years in the future, something calamity has destroyed mankind. So the project scientists have been sending research teams to the future to determine what happened, but also to make preparations for permanent habitation. Only young 20-somethings can make the trip; older adults die if they attempt to make the journey.
Karen (played by Kelley Bonahan) joins her sister Isa at the facility, which is run by their father. Karen is a troubled teen but joins Isa for a transfer to the future. Isa injures herself, and Karen, trying to save her sister, performs the transfer back incorrectly and Isa dies.
Karen is not dealing with her guilt very well, but she joins the expedtion to the future.
Something happens in the past, and the transfer system no longer work. The group decides to head out to Portland where other groups are planning to meet up, but Karen discovers something and disillusioned, she heads back to the transfer station. There, Karen is attacked by one of the group who has gone mad and also returned. Karen discovers that the transfer machine is working again and transfers herself to....well, that would be telling.
This is an intriguing little film directed by none other than Peter Fonda. Fonda's directing career lasted only three films; it probably didn't help his career that the distributor of this film went bankrupt just as the film was released. Shot against beautiful Idaho scenary, it must have looked great during the short time it played on a big screen. It's a slow and haunting movie that is aiming higher than it can reach, but it is worth a look.
The cast is mostly unknowns, but they do a good job. The only star of note is Keith Carradine, two years before he would star in and win an Oscar for best song in Nashville.

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