Friday, December 31, 2010

Books I Read in 2010

Keeping Our Cool: Canada in a Warming World by Andrew Weaver ****
The Road by Cormac McCarthy ***
More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman *****
Have a Nice Doomsday: Why Millions of Americans are Looking Forward to the End of the World by Nicholas Guyatt ***1/2
Watermind by M.M.Buckner **1/2
Stepping Stones of Ungava and Labrador by Nigel Foster ****
Space Vulture by Gary K. Wolf and John J. Myers ****
The Conviction of Richard Nixon by James Reston, Jr. ***1/2
Frost/Nixon by Sir David Frost ***
Evolution: The Triumph of an Idea **** by Carl Zimmer
Diamonds Are Forever by Ian Fleming ****
Hunter S. Thompson by Jay Cowan *****
My Life as Prime Minister by Jean Chrétien ***
Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded: A Decade of Whatever by John Scalzi ****
The Invaders by James Rosin ***
Days of Infamy by Harry Turtledove ***1/2
End of the Beginning by Harry Turtledove ***1/2
John A: The Man Who Made Us by Richard Gwyn ****
Critical Mass by Whitley Streiber ***
Last Chance to See by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine *****
God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens ****
Weapons of Choice by John Birmingham ****
Designated Targets by John Birmingham ****
Final Impact by John Birmingham ****
Not One Drop by Riki Ott ***
Rocket Men by Craig Nelson ****
Facing Ali by Stephen Brunt ***1/2
Magnificent Desolation by Buzz Aldrin ***
The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins ***
Carbon Shift: How Peak Oil and the Climate Change Crisis Will Change Canada edited by Thomas Homer-Dixon ***
Julian Comstock by Robert Charles Wilson *****
Scar Night by Alan Campbell ***1/2
Iron Angel by Alan Campbell***
God of Clocks by Alan Campbell***
Rowboat in a Hurricane by Julie Angus ***1/2
Citizen of the World: The Life of Pierrre Eliott Trudeau Volume One 1919-1968 by John English ****
Just Watch Me: The Life of Pierrre Eliott Trudeau Volume One 1968-2000 by John English ****
Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer *****
The Selling of the President by Joe McGinniss ***
The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins ****
The End of Faith by Sam Harris ***
Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia ***
The View From the Bridge by Nicholas Meyer ***1/2
The Age of Persuasion by Terry O'Reilly and Mike Tennant ***1/2
The Breach by Patrick Lee **1/2
Without a Paddle by Warren Richey ****
The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History by John Ortved ***
Gretzky's Tears by Stephen Brunt *****
Playing With Fire by Theo Fleury ****
On Celtic Tides by Chris Duff ****
Rowed Trip by Colin Angus and Julie Angus ***1/2;
Southern Exposure by Chris Duff ****
Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi ****

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