Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rowed Trip

Adventurers Colin and Julie Angus decided early in their marriage to explore the roots of their respective families -- Colin's from Scotland, and Julie's from Syria and Germany. Since Colin had previously circled the earth under human power, joined on part of his journey by Julie, another human-powered expedition seemed to be in order. They choose to row and bicycle from Scotland to Syria, travelling the canals and rivers of Europe in a pair of specially designed row boats whenever possible, or towing them behind their bikes on trailers when rowing was impractical.
The resultant trip is documented in their book Rowed Trip. From the north of Scotland, peddle and paddle their way down through England, out the Thames, across the English Channel, through France and Germany, then down the Danube to the Black Sea to Syria, this fun and exciting read recounts the Angus's encounters, from with snotty lock-masters along the canals of England and border bureaucracy in Europe, to the seemingly endless supplies of hospitality and assistance offered up by total strangers. In fact, if there is one theme that runs through this and the Angus' previous adventures, it is that almost every stranger they encounter willingly offers kindness and good cheer, if not food and lodging.
This is another in the Angus' growing library of well-told expedition stories.

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