Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Blind Over Matter

A co-worker of mine clearly receives pschic visions, as evidenced by this recent conversation we had: “I know people, it’s just this thing I can do. I can look at a person and I can instantly see all sorts of things about them. For instance, I used to live in Toronto, and I could tell just by looking whether a person is gay or not.” “What? Are you saying I’m gay? When did that happen?” “Obviously not yet, but it’s just a matter of time. But my point is that I have this psychic thing where I can ‘read’ what people are like. You, I can tell, you are very successful in your relationships and are good with kids.” “I’m divorced with no kids.” “See what I mean? You’re also very intelligent and a deep thinker.” “Well, I’m a geek. That’s pretty close.” “Oh, you Cancers and your sense of humour.” “I’m an Aries.” I hope she uses her power only for good.

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