Thursday, November 10, 2005

Reading SF

I find that I don't read much sf anymore. I still read a lot, voraciously, but now I tend to stay in the non-fiction department. I just finished reading some Noam Chomsky, and now I'm halfway through Chuck Klosterman's Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs (which I recommend highly).
I still love sf. I see all the big sf movies in the theatre, and buy the DVDs. I don't watch much weekly sf tv; I prefer to buy the full-season DVD box sets and watch at my convenience. I'm currently enjoying Angel, a series that I did not see a single episode of on free tv.
But reading sf? I dunno what's happened, but that's just dropped off my radar. Some of it still grabs my interest, like Dan Simmons, an author that I will splurge on and buy in hardcover, no less. And I still keep picking up the odd sf paperback, but I rarely get around to reading them.
And I don't listen to much new music anymore. I'll get new releases by bands that I like from back in the day, U2 or The Who or Pearl Jam for instance, but I just can't get into any new acts. I have the new cd by Coldplay, the biggest group on the planet, sitting on my desk at home, slowly gathering dust. I should listen to it sometime before it fades into format obsolescence. (And how in God's name does Hillary Duff rate a greatest hits cd after putting out, what, two albums? And how in Satan's name does Hillary Duff rate a career? But I digress.)
Now back to the original question of why I have stopped reading sf. Is it a time issue? I can afford to spend two hours and watch an sf flick in a theatre and get a complete story from beginning to end (except for The Phantom Menace, which was a complete mess from beginning to end. Whoops, digressing again!) But a novel takes much more time to read, of course. Maybe I'm just becoming a lazy reader. But no, that can't be it; as I said, I just finished reading some Chomsky!
Maybe I'm just not finding anything relevant to me in most books on the shelves these days, although that seems hard to understand. I don't see how I could not be interested in Terry R.R. Jordan's The Wheel of the Sword of the Saga of the Story That Never Ends: Volume Seventeen: Part Four: More of the Same But With a Shiny Embossed Cover.

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