Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Psychic Visions

In Grade 8, I used to take a bus to school. I had to transfer on Douglas Street, and every day across the street from me a man would stand waiting for his bus. He had some sort of braces on his legs and his knees were locked, unbending, and he hunched over to use his canes. This was the era that the Victoria transit system was dominated by the GM "Fishbowl" bus, all of which had stairs, which made this man's plight all the more awkward.
One day, just as his bus was pulling up, a vision popped into my head of this man sprawled out on his back in front of the bus, his legs up in the air like a "v". And sure enough, the bus pulled up, stopped, and the man had some sort of trouble getting on the bus, and ended up flat on his back in front of the stopped bus, with his legs uncannily resembling the 21st letter of the alphabet.
Nothing was injured but pride, but did I have an actual vision? It's not hard to imagine that someone with difficultly walking might fall down. Did I coincidentally imagine him falling on the same day he actually fell, or was the spirit world sending me this message for purposes unknown?
Another time, a couple of years earlier, I was playing Kick the Can with other neighborhoodod kids. (For the uninitiated, Kick the Can is a variation of Hide and Seek. The person who is It must find the players who are hidden and beat them back to the can to count them as caught and "out." However, an uncaught player can free caught players by kicking the can. But I digress.) This is a great game to play because it involves a lot of running around and fence climbing and shouting and kicking and screaming and loud arguing, a sure way for children to ingratiate themselves to the adults in thneighborhoodod.
I was hiding in a back yard and another boy was also in the same yard about 20 feet away. The kid who was It came into the yard and looked around. He didn't find either of us, and left to search the front of the house. Just as he disappeared around the side of the house, the other hiding kid and I (who had not spoken for fear of being caught) started singing the Howdy Doody theme song as loud as we could.
What's particular strange is that I had no memory of ever seeing the Howdy Doody Show. I have no recollection of ever hearing the theme song prior to that moment. Yet, here I was singing the words of a song I had never heard before. Okay, yes, you're right, the Howdy Doody theme is not particularly lyrically challenging. But how would I have known that if I'd never heard it before? I will admit that maybe I heard it somewhere before and for some reason it stayed in my subconscious until it bubbled to the surface on that warm summer night. But what about the other kid? Why did he start singing the same song at exactly the same time? Unmistakably, there was something mental going on here.
The third time I had a psychic flash, there was no question that this was a legitimate vision from the future. It was when George W. Bush was elected president. I thought to myself, Fuck me, this is going to be a bad nightmare.

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