Friday, November 18, 2005

Observations and Other Delusions: Ear Rings

I've lived with two women in my life: my (now) ex-wife, and later, a (now) ex-girl friend. My ex-wife and I parted fairly cordially as far as these things go. We talk, we email, we visit, we get on fine. My ex-girlfriend don't talk and don't email and don't visit. Some might say she was a crazy madwoman. I wouldn't say that, but I sure don't have any enthusiam or will to argue the point. When my wife and I split, I got my ear pierced. It seemed like a harmless yet visible way to mark a demarcation in my life. My ear is pierced to this day. When I split from my "crazy" girlfriend, I got my ear pierced again. This time, the piercing got infected and turned quite nasty. It swelled up, turned beet red and was full of pus. I'm sure there's a moral in here somewhere.

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