Saturday, June 09, 2007

Geek of the Week

Name: Reed T. Paulson
Age: 22 (in Vulcan years)
Blue pill or red pill? Blue pill
Pet Peeve: Still can’t get over the fact that they cancelled Star Trek: The Animated Series (the glommer was so cool!)
Career: Works part-time as a soccer goal post on Saltspring Island
Fannish Claim to Fame: Creator of Odo/Neelix fiction
Favorite Book: Star by Pamela Anderson
Favorite TV Show: Baywatch (but only the Pamela Anderson years)
Favorite movie: Barb Wire
Best Pick-Up Line: You’re almost as hot as T’Pol!
Worst Pick-Up Line: You’re almost as hot as T’Pol!
Secret No One Knows: Still lives in his parents’ basement (didn’t have the heart to move upstairs after they died)

text by John W. Herbert
Photoshopped by Karl Johanson

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